Random Dragons

Congress has tried to repeal the 4th Amendment with the telcomm immunity and wiretapping bill. I hope this goes right to the supreme court. The jerks. YOU DON’T HAVE RIGHT.

NPR has being doing a survey of various Universal Healthcare systems around the world for the last few months. They all have the same thing in common: drug companies, doctors and hospitals all get paid less and have their prices controlled. Considering this country has a lack of doctors willing to be paid less than $400,000 that seems one of the biggest blocks to cheap healthcare. I think about this alot. I’ve had two kidney stone attacks this week…and my hair is falling out. It’s nuts.

And finally I’m working on a new dragon logo. So last night I fired up poser and started hacking together a dragon from various models. Then I trashed the whole thing and fired up painter. This is what I have so far:

Painter has suddenly become more intuitive for me. It’s as if this finally makes sense.

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