Reading in Groups; A Dreaming Aside; and Free Tarot Readings Update

Last night M. and I had this discussion on book clubs.

“Why don’t we found one,” she says.

So I did…for now it’s me talking to myself but maybe others will join me.

If you requested a free tarot reading…I’ve got bad news…the email address that was recieving them has been eating all of the requests..

I’ve fixed this, but if you want a free reading, please refill out the form.


My dreams, which are full color and crazy have certain tropes which I’ve learned to recognize throughout the years.

The Burned Person:

This is a person or something personified in my dream which shows up burned. Usually cooked in some way…they are blackened and dripping. However they are walking and talking like nothing is wrong.

When something like this shows up I know to pay attention to the other elements in the dream, because one of them is true.

The Dream:

We’re at a Con…which means con people are there… J. shows up late and is burnt..reason due to tanning before heading out to DR. Which is silly. We are in a different older hotel…but it looks like a brown Paris, Las Vegas.

We go about things…checking in…eating in the lounge…when suddenly my insides begin to boil..I fall down.

Then we are in a hospital after, hospital…no one will treat me.


My latest Article is up!

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we’re here we should danceUnknown



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