Reading Labels: An Experiment

Subject: Me.

Okay, I was over reading Hi Piers and he mentioned he was having some problems.

Here’s the place where you should turn back. The following can be classified as TMI.

You were warned.

Specifically he was having bowel problems. He thought they might be due to High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I thought, huh, I’m having bowel problems. (Any loose bowels can be a major problem due to a misplaced scalpel while I was giving birth). Huh, I never gave HFCS much thought.

So I started to research. Oh my god it was scary, even after wading through the misinformation. So I’m going to try an experiment. 6 months no HFCS or even corn syrup enriched foods. (From what I can find there is no difference, apparently the High Fructose part is optional on food labels).

What I want to find out is:

Will I loose more weight (since medication, 7lbs with three days a week of exercise, and occasional yoga, plus what I thought was eating healthy. Most of that was in the first 6 months this year).

Will my eczema/acne clear up? (Since medication breakout rough spots have been limited to my time of the month, usually just before. I don’t really know if this will make a difference.)

There are a few other questions, tooth decay, overall health. In truth, I can’t avoid it all the time. Eating out will be interesting, I just have to avoid what I know and take a chance with the rest.

So tonight, I’m going to talk with the bunny about food. She’ll hate it…and break it every time she’s at Poppos or with the Grandma’s. But I think I can talk to every one about it. (Update: Talked with bunny whose is a health conscious 5 year old, scary I know. She’s mostly okay with it as long as we find replacements for the applesauce.)

I’m going to miss some things. I will clean out the kitchen after the game. Here’s a list of what I’ll have to get rid off so far (did a short survey last night):

Jello, Flan (Okay gonna have to make my flan from scratch…recipes?)
Frozen Juice (wow, thought that was better for me than pop, but it’s HFCS that makes pop bad for you, and that’s what’s in the juice too)
Fruit Rollups
Cereal (pooh bunny is not going to like that)
Pop…any so far.
Vlasic Pickles (Why the hell do we need HFCS in Tabasco pickles anyway?)
Granola Bars
Salad Dressing
Margarita Mix
Canned Fruit
English Muffins (What the freakin hell! And I just bought a whole pack cause I hadn’t had them in years!!!!!!)

I’ll keep adding to the list.

Interestingly enough, Hagen Daas dos not have HFCS at all. That’s dangerous in it’s own way. Neither does Handi Snacks. Jello instant pudding uses real sugar, not HFCS. Nestle uses real sugar, not HFCS. The other downside is that food will cost more. Sigh.

Will it work? Who knows? This isn’t a crusade against manufactured foods. As a pagan I believe we are natural creatures and what we make is part of the natural process. However, I fully admit we are more interested in arsenic than medication.

Day 1 update: The HFCS foods I ate or drank yesterday:
Fruit Juice.
A candy cane.
English Muffin.


On brighter, better news, J. wiggled out of judging one slot of Brookfest to spend time with me this weekend. So Friday with the BF, then a coffee(or not so coffee) filled Saturday of writing, with a little warm and snuggly bunny time on Sunday. I’m hoping for a good weekend.

12-13-05 Status: 180lbs

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