Redesign – HTML5 & CSS3 Crack

Finally, the redesign for this year is complete, albeit only complete enough for putting up. There are some, continuity issues and well it’s only as done as the current state of browsers will let me be done.

But hell, it’s HTML5. Way more awesome than I thought. I can easily add elements as they become supported and the degrading. Oh my, the degrading is near enough to butter that I’m pretty sure this the best scripting crack yet.

And guess what!?! Only one IE hack needed! (I know, right?)

I’m exploring it all. I should have been more up on this, and I have been implementing little things. However, I put it off until I finished Dreamer’s War. TwentyEleven made that easy to do.

The theme is based off Toolbox, with a straight up HTML5 doctype.

The next website in my sights is waiting for some crack to be ladled on. That and orcs.

Orcs, I tell you.

I used to be amused by Utopians. With life experience, I have grown to fear them. The great failing of Utopians is that they can never accept that someone else might not want to be a part of their utopian vision. Like ill-mannered tourists, they assume that if you don’t agree with them, it must be because they’re not explaining it simply enough, or often enough, or loudly enough, or ultimately, because you’re stupid. Utopians always think achieving Utopia is simply a matter of education—and then re-education—and then coercion, legislation, litigation medication conditioning threats book-burnings eugenics surgical modifications hunting down the counter-revolutionaries killing the reactionaries genetic engineering—and ultimately all Utopians, no matter how nobly they begin, always end up at the same conclusion: that the only thing that keeps Man from building a secular heaven here on Earth is the nature of Man, therefore we must build a New and Better Man.The Ranting Room







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