Repetition – Things I’ve Learned About Finance

I’ve begun adding more reps to my Wii Fit strength training exercise. It’s something you unlock as you go, but you have to choose them to do more. Today I started choosing the higher reps I’ve unlocked…I did fairly well. I’m still on only six reps for side planks…those are hard.

Midway through the exercise this morning, J. decided to use the pug as a tickling device. I fell over and the poor traumatized pug sat on me. Needless to say I got zero points for that exercise.

A lot of us are having financial problems at the moment. I thought I’d repeat something that most finance experts tell you..but generally get ignored. I ignored them. I thought I didn’t have the money to do these things. Then last year I started doing them on a fluke.

  • Pay yourself first: Figure out what you can take out of every check before you do anything. If all it is is 50 cents…fine, do it. Then put it away.
  • Make a donation to some non-profit every year. Make the donation at least worth $250 dollars. That’s when the donation really begins to count.

So while I’m not financier or anything…these are two tips that really have helped. So there you go.

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