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Elitchs is the largest and technically oldest theme park in Colorado. I say technically because since it move from it’s original location in the Highlands to downtown Denver it had been sold twice and no longer that the extensive gardens it once had. Since leaving Six Flaggs ownership though, my sister and I noted that a lot of the renovations looked like things that were at the old Elitch Gardens. My daughter got a short history lesson when she asked about the name.

We had fun. We got whistled at a lot by life guards who thought children should be left to fend for themselves in the water with out flotation devices or the aid of their mothers. The lazy river was a hit, the wave pool sucked all kinds of ass. Really, for 15 min no one is allowed in the water, then you have a 30 min wait for 1 minute of waves and for the remaining 14 minutes you sit in the water and then the whole process repeats. No other wave pool in Colorado operates like this afaik. I’ve been to 4 others.

It took 1 and 1/2 hours to get there because of the DNC road closures. We saw more military helicopters than we’ll probably see in our life time…unless we get invaded by aliens and/or China. I can’t account for that.

I’ve got the Serenity module all ready to go. This should be exciting as the game will be entering the next arc with the module. The Nial arc should last for a year, maybe more. It depends on what the crew of the Winding Leaf does.

I will have the Demon Hunter module done tonight. They actually have transport. This should be good now that book is out. My game is not as wacky as the book is but I do believe you need drama and comedy to have a good time.

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