Revised Visions

I’ve managed to get a few security updates set up.  Now everyone has to be able to add on any of my blogs to get a comment up and I can do a lot less moderating.  Of course the only discussion going is a on my Issacsen-Bright review of Mirrors Never Lie.

Next I need to get it for my comment forms and for my gallery.  I think I’ll tone down the tarot readings section.  So far I’ve gotten several requests but none with working emails.  If you want a tarot reading, even a free one:  You must give me a valid email address.  End of story, don’t waste my time.

78 Images got itself all set up and then I remembered that I don’t have time to moderate a community.  So I’m going to tone it down there and keep it just for articles and images.   If people would like to comment then great.  I’ll set that up.

Writing is taking off again.  I’m reviewing chapter 6 of Without Honor.  I plan for it to be done by next week.  Then some change revisions.  I’ve still got three stories out in the slush, hopefully I’ll hear from those soon.

On the webpage front things are going slow.  Some of you need to make decisions or get me stuff.  Becca needs a faq page up and the rest of her attributes done.  That’s not really a problem.  I just need to do it and not be lured away by Chai.  Evil Chai.  Good talk.  Evil Chai.  Hod needs links up next.  I’ve got a list and time tonight after laundry.  Goals are good things…well kind of.

Oh and I pooched the image gallery.  I’m working on fixing it.  I was taking care of spammers when I accidently deleted the database with my happy trigger finger.  Should be back up tonight.

A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history–with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.Mitch Ratliffe







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