Revisions Again and All the Sorrows

I tried to do it the other way this time.

With Dreamer’s War, I printed out the entire novel and had a great time tearing it apart with gel pens. However, when it came to type that it in, well, it more than sucked. I told myself that I learned my lesson and would get it in chapter by chapter right away next time.

Well it’s next time and I’m here to tell you that this didn’t go so well. It was just as bad as the writing in before only this time I had taken away the pleasure of gel pens on freshly printed pages slashing through words like glittery scars. That lasted several months and two chapters. Then I said screw that and printed out the whole thing and got myself a mulitpack of rainbow and glitter gels.

Two weeks and five pens later I’m thirteen chapters in. I’m going to have to suck it up and just type in the revisions. It will just have to be that way. Go me.

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Outline: Dreamfire
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