(Re)Writing Modules is Hard


Rewriting three modules has been hard. All were in various stages of doneness. To date I now have only one complete module done….and really it still needs tweaking.

The Witch module is the hardest. I have the least experience in this and so it had the least done. Sure the book is available online (yeah!) but I still have to make characters…not just outlined archetypes. I had the module outline done…but that’s gone as far as I can tell. So it still needs a lot of work. I don’t have excel character sheets done for this one at all.

Serenity was much easier to replicate…I had all the characters…but I lost all the history updates…so that needs to be done again. I had the module outline still…thank the gods. So I finished rewriting the module last week. I’ve got one NPC to create and the handouts. So it’s all done…it has to be I run it next Thursday.

The Paranoia module is the greatest lost. I lost the outline, the mutations lists and the half a module I had written. I still have the base characters but I’ve lost the excel sheet I made. Searching for Paranoia stuff online is crazy…there’s lots of pages…if you can find them…and they crazy and just as unhelpful as the game is supposed to be. I’ve got the game feel down…but typing in stuff I need to reference sucks.


I’m the type of person where the first thought out of my head is the good one. When I muck about or second guess I screw it up. It’s why I consider myself good at Tarot reading. That means I lost a lot of gems…and I’m afraid that what is coming out second isn’t as good.

No, they are flying the Tank.A-Team



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  1. stephanie Avatar

    So I went looking for a new translator and it translated todays Japanese to:


    This was at:


  2. Michelle Avatar

    lol that one’s actually right 🙂 but it doesn’t tell you what it means.

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