Riding RTD is a Crapshoot

For the second day in a row, the 0 failed to show at 6:50 at 17th and Market. The 6:40 left early again and so three express buses came and went before the 0 at 7:00 was ready to leave.

RTD for the Denver metro is one of the worst run bus systems in the state. Drivers often don’t know their routes, and niether do the dispatches. Buses can not be tracked, route posters are indecipherable. Every long time rider knows the dreaded beep of a bus break down, where drivers are ignored until they can no longer use gravity to keep the bus going.

The bus system isn’t cheeper or faster than driving a car. The dispatchers are often rude and never seem to know what a stop number is. I’ve had drivers try to charge me double, give me expired transfers, and refuse to stop.

When I started riding the bus regularly two years ago, I could take a bus downtown and it took about an hour to get across town. Now it takes three buses and three hours to for a trip across town at leat two to get down town, one which must be a regional or an express.

We’re all waiting for fastraks, which should be called maybe one day traks. Rtd can’t write off late trains at least.

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