Rogue Hank of Hair Strikes Again

So once again I dye my hair. Mostly spurred on by-time-to-cover-the-gray, my desire to use all the dye and Nami, I wandered around a beauty supply store until I came across Auburn Black and a pot of Red Wyne Punk.

Now red based dye and I don’t really get along. It doesn’t stick around. But hey, I wasn’t so happy of the fade value of the green based dye I used a few weeks ago.

So after making my bathroom look like a slaughter house I have auburn black hair. Except for the this rogue hank of hair, which I always miss…and I’m sure has never been dyed. Bastard.

K, gotta go. Ragnar is whining at the oven for holding chicken.

Wash: That’s science fiction!
Zoe: You live in a spaceship, dear.





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