Dear Mr. Kuti,

Thank you so much for emailing me. Since you have my email address, please deposit the money in my paypal account immediantly. I will take the negociated 75% retainer fee and the 15% investor fee, of course. The rest will be invested in various funds at my lesure. Please let Mrs. Amoussou know that she can live out her days in poverity and her that her money will be safe in my hands.


Michelle Norton

From: Mr.Johnson Kuti
> Hello Dear,
> I am MR. JOHNSON KUTI an Accountant with Continental Bank
> Cotonou, Republic of Benin. A customer of ours MRS.MARY ADJOVI
> AMOUSSOU who happens to be the wife of a late politician intimated me
> on her intention to invest the sum of US$75M (SEVENTY – FIVE Million
> U.S. Dollars) in a foreign country, being money left for her family
> by her late husband who died March 14th 2006 before this new government
> that took over on April 6th 2006. I advised her to have patience as I
> will source for a reliable and trust-worthy investor who can receive,
> manage and invest the money very well for her.
> I am soliciting on her behalf for you to help her manage the money
> properly in your country. You are required to furnish me with your
> Banking particulars so that we can easily transfer the money into
> your account.
> You should contact me through my E-mail Address
> {}
> so that I can furnish you with more informations for your immediate
> perusal.
> Looking forward for your urgent response.
> Best Regards,
> My e-mail address

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