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Today is the override veto for SCHIP. Bush repeatedly accuses congress of trying to pass a bill that has grown to encompass adults and higher income families. Congress says Bush is lying and that Bush is the one that decides scope of the bill. Who’s right?

Both of them.

How can both be right? How can a bill that is for low income families cover adults and Children?

In 2001 HIFA Waivers were created to allow adults and higher income families use SCHIP. This over extended the funds and forcing congress to ask for more money in the reauthorization. Who created HIFA waivers?

George W. Bush.

So the the new bill does not allow adults or higher income families (go read it…it does not). But the HIFA waivers do. That’s right folks…Bush is covering his ass. He broke the bill and realized it will be even more broken if congress reauthorizes it. So instead of saying, I blew it …let me just stop HIFA…he has to screw low income children as well.

And for those of you coming here because of my argument against AIM (basically they are fluff protesters who are not helping NA’s at all.) on various sites: Why is AIM silent on SCHIP? SCHIP expands coverage for NA children. Why are the not lobbying for it? Their silence is glaring.

I started the weight training again last night. Back on track. I’ve lost 1LB this week. But the battle just got harder.

I was diagnosed with PCOS last week. That means more exercise, no sweets, and insulin that causes fluid purge.

And I will probably never loose weight.


Do you love me because I’m beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?Oscar Hammerstein



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