I forget if I’ve updated folks on the tv I’ve been watching.

After the Babylon 5 fiasco, in which our heroes bravely struggled through every episode and movie ever done in the Bab5 genre, we went screaming for anime.

Okay I’ll back up. Bab 5 was a disappointment. M. will disagree with me a bit here but really except for Seasons 2-4 the entire series sucked. They even rewrote 2-4 by the time they were done. We saw some redemption in the Crusades. This was quickly squashed by the Doctor (he’s the real villain of the entire show…everything is his fault and the bastard constantly undermines EVERYONE. You doubt me? He curtails Crusade twice. He operates for hours on folks who have minor lesions. He’s a drug addict and pusher. He’s completely incompetent. I can go on…ask me about the 5 mile walk-about sometime. ), and a tendency not to leave Earth’s orbit for longer than day. Everyone else says it was because of extra sex and violence. Obviously they didn’t watch Crusades then cause besides the Alien porn joke and a short seventies style romantic encounter there was no sex. They rarely fought anyone…even when they needed to. The creator spent most of his time sniping at the audience for what happened with Babylon 5 (stupid costume changes anyone?), instead of writing a story. Basically he proved that the networks actually were in the right cause this guy is horrible without someone to say no ala George Lucas.

So then Anime. We choose Rurouni Kenshin, because folks have been raving about it.

We’ve come to the conclusion that these are rabid Dragon Ball Z fans. The first 6 disks of the show were Awful…awful! We saw a short glimpse of story and the internal struggle of Kenshin…but otherwise it was aimless fighting and endless talking (giving the opponent time to heal). The animation was ludicrous. They make Kenshin look like a girl in a man’s world…which we swore was his secret for the longest time.

Then the animation changed and the story got serious. Disks 7-8 were engrossing at first, Kenshin took on a manly look, and we started to hit plot.

Then Kenshin left…and they spend three eps convincing all the characters to follow him. Which looks to use like it’s just going to get him killed. Kauro was smart for awhile but gave in to the pressure to follow him.


We decided to give it to disk 14. Then we are going to move to Samurai X…a retailing with better animation and plot apparently. There is a the possibility that 14 will be so amazing we see 15…Not…Holding…Breath.

Heroes finished up last week.

It was a weak ending without the writers. The stupidity of the characters this season reached phenomenal proportions. Hiro on the other hand, turned out to be the only smart hero in the bunch. Sylar is getting to be tiresome. Mohinder really needs his head examined. He’s so gullible hit hurts…he really believes anything anyone tells him…as long as he hasn’t talked to that person before. If he’s talked to that person before…he doesn’t believe them…but still does whatever they tell him too.

He really is that stupid. We are surprised that he’s still alive.

Those are the extremes on the show. Who knows if we’ll get more.

52 Stories
Outline: Dreamfire
If you go to a master to study and learn the techniques, you diligently follow all the instructions the master puts upon you. But then comes the time for using the rules in your own way and not being bound by them. That is the time for the lion-deed. You can actually forget the rules because they have been assimilated. You are an artist.Joseph Campbell






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