Sigh… Art, Writing, Screwing Up Blog Posts

Needing to create has brought me here. I’m arting fairly often. At least 2 – 3 projects a week. Practice in between. My writing is still stalled. Kinda. Kinda.

I’m working on getting my world into World Anvil. And I’m trying to organize my thoughts. It’s hard. My thoughts have scattered like so many pieces of glass.

Painting helps with that, even though I might not be patient enough for it. Maybe I’m in the wrong place. Or maybe out of time, I feel like I finally have the ability to do all things I want to do, and now there is too much.

The last post should have dropped last week, but I only just notice it didn’t. The coast was lovely. I want to go back.

So one thing at a time. One moment to do so many things.

I finally got to let go of the newspaper. It’s done and I’m glad. I wish it could have been gone sooner but of course it couldn’t be easy. I fully have my that time back now.

A hunch is creativity trying to tell you somethingFrank Capra


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