Signs of Impending Doom

A lot of people ask me how I know that my job is on the line. Or why they would fire me if I apparently do everything. So I present for you “Signs of Impending Doom”. Now I’d like to say that these have been my experience during my entire corporate career, and they have, however all of these issues have been the case in my current drudge.

1. They lighten your work load to make it easier for you.This is dandy when your overworked but if it keeps happening beware. It can be a slow or very fast process. In some sectors they prefer the yoyo effect.

2. They secretly train others to do your job.

3. They hire people into your position while you still occupy it.

4. They only give you the mind numbing work even though you did the challenging work well.

5. Turn over has been so high you’re the only employee left.

6. You’re the only hourly employee.

7. You have nothing to do and cannot get any projects…so they bring in an intern.

8. They reshuffle the work load.

9. You are doing a job that is about to be replaced by a computer.

10. Trained monkeys could do your job.

11. Untrained monkeys could do your job.

12. A mop dressed up like a person could do your job.

13. They’ve come up with a new game plan to save the company millions of dollars, it seems to be the same as the last one and even though you’ve already done all the work they insist you do it again.

14. Funny that happens this time every year.

15. HR can’t see why you are having issues while working for such a great company.

16. You are blacklisted from transfer.

17. You are blacklisted from training.

18. They take your stapler.

19. A new person takes your desk becaue it was so nice that it must belong to them. You are regulated to the hallway.

20. No one will look you in the eye.

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