Skinny Bitch

K, so I was talking to my doctor. She had another book suggestion for me. “I want you to go on this diet. It’s not permanent, and there is a lot of crap in this book to ignore…but the core is sound. Since your good at following a diet with exact instructions this will help.”

She doesn’t recommend book often, but she’s good at finding the books that have elements I need to use. Body for Life for Women taught me about strength training I could use. Skinny Bitches is getting me off the cravings that affect the metformin.

The basics are this:
Drink Water: 64oz
Take vitamins: especially b12
Exercise: 30 min of carteo, 5 days a week. Add more when you got that down.
Eat fruit, veggies and starches, drop meat, dairy, sugar, chemicals and animal byproducts.
Only take medication your doctor orders you to.

Unfortunetly most of the book is a commercial for PETA. The astounding lack of understanding and shock that can only come from living in city, pampered and protected from the real world. Most of the time it doesn’t even seem that they know what the terms they are declaiming mean. This is sprinkled throughout the book but is concentrated in chapters 4-10.

So we ignore that. I don’t eat a lot of meat and can do with limiting cheese big time. That’s not the problem…they are right about that. I just don’t have the same world view as them. I’ve seen meat processing plants. I’ve been to the fields (despite what they say, there are fields). As for their disbelief about free range…they’ve never hiked in Northern Colorado. Sure the government doesn’t give two shits about you. Their shock at all of this had me rolling my eyes.

Either way I have to keep the sugar down. I’m doing better. Monday I officially start this diet, and my new exercise routine.

But what about weight watchers you ask? The points plan is helping. I’m not just going to eat everything they want me to…I’m going to stay under my points. I even picked up a weight loss journal for my purse so that I can’t cheat on days I don’t have access to my computer.

I bought DDR for Aia…I’ve started doing it’s weightloss routine. Yes I suck…not I’m not telling you my Wii Fit score.

So cardio…which means I’m not bringing the bike out of storage but the weight bench instead. Just got to convince J. to let me. I haven’t asked yet.

Imagine if someone did this to you in real life: You’re walking down the street and bump into a three random guys who invite you to to join in on assault and robbery; offering you a one-quarter stake in everything and a very real chance at severe bodily harm, without bothering to ask for your name or qualifications.

It’s ridiculous. That sort of thing never happens unless you’re in Detroit.Fear the Boot


2 responses to “Skinny Bitch”

  1. Lakesider Avatar

    Actually, for cardio, you don’t need a weight bench. But a bike is a great cardio tool!

    I’m trying to lose weight too. It hasn’t gotten any easier as I’ve gotten older, I can tell you that. (Ugh.) Best of luck to you!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Hi, Lakesider!

    Actually I’m using Dance Dance Revolution for Cardio…weight bench for strength training. If I were to bring the bike home…I couldn’t bring the bench home…so the DDR takes care of the cardio and gives me a space for the bench.

    Good luck to you too!

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