Snarfing Jalapenos is NOT a Comfortable Pastime

Consider it a lesson learned.

Tacticon was fun. I only played in two total games, as I was genericed out of every slot I did not judge. I judged a total of four: 3 Serenity and 1 Greyhawk.

Serenity was a blast! I has three great tables and only one table failed at the mission. Well, most of them lived, but there is only so much livin’ one can do with two hours of air in a spacesuit while you float around.

I got pulled into judging a Greyhawk. Okay I volunteered. It was officially the worst module on the planet, both for the players and the gm’s. Let me clarify: random TPK’s just for being there and doing things that one would NORMALLY do in the system is stupid. I’ve been scared for life.

Of course it was a great ego boost, as I believe I did it well. So I will do it again, (with more prep time though, if possible).

Ego stroking aside, it was a great con. I had a lot of fun. Running tables were you get any player to scream, “No, use the LITTLE GUN!” makes any day worth it.

Now…what to do for for Ghengis?

On the weight issue…I’m still steady at 189…not so good. But while I was doing the usualy gut comparision I noticed my butt was missing.

That’s so cool!

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