Snow Wet Weekend

Life has been way to quick lately. From Aia in faux-karate, to girls scouts ending to girl’s night to just snow I’ve been very busy. I’ve got a lot of website work, and my house is for sale again.

This means several things:

I’m behind on posting.

I’m behind on writing.

I’m feeling a little frazzled.

After an awesome girls night, Aia woke up sick. Fever, cough and throat. She’s better now but it knackered my Monday. I don’t feel so well but I’m very behind in work and one of my web design obligations. And Tacticon is coming up. Crap. I’m feeling very frazzled.

So I spent a lot of the last weekend cleaning. My gods the snow was crazy. I’ve been bad about pictures. Here’s one from the last storm.


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