Somethings Cooking!


You might have noticed a few new things cooking on the site. The paganism pages are changing, take a look. Not all are done yet, well all but tarot, but even those have begun.

There are a few new items in the menu. PBS is for Pagan Book Study. Currently it is still at the yahoo group, but the 12 members who voted (out of 95) have a majority to move it to a forum site. So I’m beginning setup. They might change their minds but you have interest in this please click on contact up there and let me know!

I plan to add recipes to the site. And my daughter will soon have her webpage hosted here. It won’t all be available to the public except for her art and her doll house! Yes finally I get to resurrect my dollhouse page! I hope to get the first set up tonight.

Plus a new pic in the gallery should go in tonight and some poser freebies.

I’m going to be working with another piece tonight so if nothing happens, (think drama folks), don’t worry.

I have written all my reviews! I have 10 books to catalog then I can start post them. So expect to see that balloon.

I know I know, what about the DRAMA?

Well happy news, NOT cancer! That’s right just some little lesions that should go away. I just have to be checked again in 4 months.

The ceiling is still not fixed in our house. The restoration person that our insurance is paying is way behind, so still no kitchen. But they did fix our carpet upstairs, now it looks pretty again, and not stained from the movers (re: family).

Now for some other site business:

I will not link to the following places:


Unless you are willing to pay me and then only in my links section. Quit spamming my reviews. Those comments are for people actually commenting on the reviews, folks.

If mighty GM can fail, cannot also the United States? And the answer is, absolutely.LA Times






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