Sooo Dry…


It’s one of those days where I feel the moisture being pulled from my body. I have the horrible unclean feeling, accompanied by an icky fat feeling. I want to jump into a lake, go to bed and dry cough my lungs out all at the same time.

No I’m not sick. This happens about once a month..usually with my periord. Blarg. The cure is to go exercise, fill up all the water burning crap in the house, add oil and turn on, clean something (the bathroom this time, then get something fulling done (after doing all the menial crap that takes up most of my nights home).

I don’t think I can get any more lotion on my hands, or screw with my stomach any further. My hair feels crackly, thank the ptb I put it up today.

This miserable feeling is promoted by my cloths which are nice by not what I should have worn today, I should have shaved and wore a damn skirt.

It gets worse when people interupt me through my breaks, which they did every 5 minutes during lunch.

I know most of it is pyscho. Still I feel nasty. I slept way too much this morning. If I don’t start getting up at five soon, things are gonna get bad.

I know it.

Blarg. I feel extremely unaccomplished right now. HOD is in domain transfer limbo, I’m slow on Becca’s site. I have yet to do bills or send out two short stories begging to be sent out. I did get my books in my catalog today. Now I just need to catch up on the backlog.

Oh. The. Backlog.

I have got to get it together, (Gaston!). I’m bad bad bad.

So today, I’m going to get measured and weighed at Curves. Then I’m going to work out. PoohBunny’s new official bed time is 9 o’clock starting today. She’s going to be in kindergarten and I need more time. Then I’m going to go home, serve chicken nuggets then do the bills.

Dammit (boy that was overkill).

When taking refuge in gigantic sports arenas, do your best not to open fire on the aircraft coming to fly you out.The Onion






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