Spades: The Suite of Ordeals

So last night I ran out of gas.

At the top of a hill.

So I coast down the hill hoping to get to the gas station on the right…BUT NO ONE WOULD LET ME OVER!

So instead I end up blocking the on ramp of I-76 at Sheridan.

The wonderful bartender at Bebe’s Sports Bar gave me a ride to the gas station…where I spilled gas on myself.

Luckily my car had not been hit or towed or ticketed by the time I got back…I put gas in and got to the gas station right in front of the house. Got home, tossed the closes in the washer and took a quick shower.


Political Note: Romney is not longer in my list of idiots to vote for. His religion speech cinched it…not that the waffling didn’t bother me. It did…but this sent him over the cliff. Can’t we have one candidate that doesn’t have an intimate relationship with zombies?

I wanna go to Vietnam, I wanna kill a Vietcong, with a knife or with a gun, Either way will be good fun, But if I die in the combat zone, Box me up and send me home, Fold my arms across my chest, Tell my folks I done my best.Army Marching Candence






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