Starbucks, thank you for keeping me on the diet

I gave in today. I headed for the Starbucks next to my work. I intended to get a grande raspberry white mocha.

But unlike last week that Starbucks no longer existed this week. Bad economy affects so far: keeping me on my diet and $3.20 a gallon on gas.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that my big beautiful computer is dead. It’s not just dead, its limited to the Paperweight 2008. That’s right, it’s unrecoverable, and totally gone. On the verge of tears this Saturday, I sat on the phone pushing the on button again and again at the urging of the tech support guy. He finally said he’d send a tech out with new parts to try that.

“Okay,” I said. “What are they going to replace? The LCD, Video card, memory, harddrive, processor and motherboard have all been replaced already.”

“Give me a minute to talk to my supervisor.” He put me on hold. I kept thinking thank gods I bought that passport drive. My data lost is minimal and nothing I really need. Then he came back.

“Miss you qualify for a computer replacement.”

“What?” I asked him what he thought he would be sending me. Images of old refurbished m170’s rattled through my brain.

“No,” he said. “Dell policy is VERY CLEAR on this. You will be getting a new computer, the same specs or better.”

Needless to say I told everyone I saw that day.

So yesterday I had a mild panic attack and called techsupport back. Was I really getting a new computer? The answer: Yes. It was approved Monday. I should see it in ten to 21 days. HFMOG. It’s a wait. I will have been without a computer (large, to do big things such as game) for two months. But then I will have a new computer.

I’m sooo gonna keep buying Dell.

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