Stating the Obvious

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

I’ve been getting those reviews up! Check out that section. Also I’ve been experimenting with the title of the site. I’m letting css define the font by fantasy type. Everyone should see a different font at top. I like the results and variations I’ve been getting from it by look at the site from different computers.

You silly poker people. I’m glad I have that link validation in place. Lots of spam from casino and poker sites. I really don’t want to link to you, but if you’ll pay me I’ll talk. The only promising links was a review site for a local London production of Mary Poppins. Not much there though I choose not to link, sorry.

I’m in charge of the Pagan Book Study over at yahoogroups:

But I’m running a poll to see if they want a forum version over here. Take a look if you like.

I am your commanding officer and I am ordering you to let the dance out!Men Who Stare at Goats







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