Stupid things you hear in the alcohol business.

It has a dark aroma reminiscent of pencil lead.

There is no sugar in rum, making it a diet drink!

There are days when I wonder…

On brighter notes, rewrites through chapter 3 are done. Chapter three is where we meet the currently named Lukaus(I think I need to change this). It becomes a dark montage of images intermixed with the old prolog speech as Lukaus remembers it. So far I liked it. I’m shooting for chapter 4 now. If I can get that done and get those in the hands of my beta readers then maybe I can have an answer to the multiple first person narratives I’ve got going.

Let’s hope. It covers three characters, Ronyn (name change?), Lukaus (Name Change?), and Caedric. If I get further by Wednesday then I might have chapter done by Maaj-brit.

I’m calming down with the KEEP TRACK OF WORLD monster. I’m still not satisfied and wikis aren’t quit up to speed with what I need. It really is frustrating, but I’ll keep on in keynote until a better solution comes along. There were some neat suggestions from Absolute Write when I asked but nothing that would work for me.

Becca’s website works. I’ve got mondo atrributes to assign and FAQ’s to fill but it is getting there. Orders can be placed and all that. I’m going to at least shoot for the attributes by Friday. Ghengis is this weekend and I can’t wait for the full weekend of gaming. The Pooh Bunny will be at the grandparents and the dog at the kennel. It will just be me and I can have free weekend.

The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.President George W. Bush Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001



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