Stupidity in Tupperware

I bought new Tupperware last night.

Then I left it in the parking lot.

Costco says I just have to bring in the receipt. Sigh.

My current employment is ‘beverage.’Robin Dean







3 responses to “Stupidity in Tupperware”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    Gods I hate that…

  2. Michelle Avatar

    This is why I love Costco though…

    I gave them my receipt and they checked their books, found that Tupperware had been left in the parking lot. And I got it back!

    J. gets a kiss for buying me the costco membership which saves me from blond moments. 🙂

  3. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    As well he should! We’ve found that Costco is really good about returns. I like that. Also, renting a car through the Costco website gets me MUCH lower rates than any other discount program…

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