Sunny Snow: A Weekend in Keystone

I just got back from a weekend in KeystoneThe upper class part of Summit County, lol. We stayed at an awesome condo, the Enclave, with a hot tub, huge living room and some really nice bedroom bath combos.

It was really cool.

I manged to hurt my foot, but skied anyway. The mountains, with snow coming down and the sun shining were beautiful.

It was a fun weekend. I learned that there are feather air bed matresses, that Keystone now only has private free shuttlesThat’s how I hurt my foot. I got left behind because I needed boots and found out the hard way that the shuttle system is now only for the right condos. This explains why the Enclave came with a free parking pass, bastards…Summit Stage and other towns don’t have this issue.. It was just amazing skiing too.

I’m really jazzed to bring Aia skiing in a few weeks. Should be good. We had a few cranky moment mainly due to soreness and tiredness. We had a few back out at the very last minute. But overall, I can’t wait for next year.

The best part was sitting on the mountain, looking out. It was like coming home to be among the gods.

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