Survivor of a Corporate Restructuring

I managed to dodge a corporate bullet last Friday.

It’s still too shocking. Management has been restructured, people lost jobs, and I have new one.

I’m just not sure what it is yet.

And it happened fast. Too fast. I still haven’t gotten my head around it. Coup, I think, is the best word. When one says things are changing one rarely believes they will be left behind after the change but they are.

Unfortunately my laptop and other computers did not get cracked this weekend. I spent way too much time at the dealership trying to get my car fixed. My front tires had to be replaced (VANDALS!) and I need new breaks and alignments and oil and fluids and other stupid crap. There goes all the money I’ve been saving.

I finished my last E. Nesbit book. One can only take so much English Lit at time before wanting something with a faster pace. So I’ve moved on to Prachett and some trashy novel with a plot in the 70’s and a plot in the 1790’s. Fun Fun.

So no writing or webpage work has been done. It seems like a wasted weekend all around. But I did get to play dnd.

And it’s clean….

The car has been scrubbed from upholstery to stereo. All the windows have been windexed and all the drink holders’ cloroxed. It is all clean! That took most of Sunday.

And I got some sewing done. Three stuffed animals have been fixed; one still needs super glue and washing before handing it back to the daughter.

I also fixed a bra. Now we just have a bag project I’m working on. Then maybe a new embroidery piece.

I realized recently, that when I think of Bush, all I can get is this feeling of slimy unease. Democrats and Republicans seem to blur together. Congress is a poster child for ineffectual. Moms are crying. Pat Robertson says his stupidities and no one blinks because we all know he’s a nut job. (Have you seen the looks on the faces of the other 700 club members? I’m sure they think so too.)

And Katrina is trying to drown the south. I have not heard from relatives yet.

It’s like I’m sitting under a great big callous scab, deciding to pop or quietly healing.

Things like this make me feel like I’m drowning.

The simplest questions are the hardest to answerNorthrop Frye






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