I was in Black and Read the other day…okay I walked in…yet again frustrated that target is selling but not really selling the perfect wine rack.

When you walk in you are confronted by choices…to the left movies, gaming fantasy and general reading…to the right music, anime, manga and comics.

But…if you have to doge around an iffy looking gentleman blocking the doorway, the do a quick two step to avoid hitting the hard back line and a quick twirl to avoid the lady who came in right behind so close she better be your mother…then you end up in the pagan section…specifically the Norse section.

Specifically various books I’ve been looking for at a discount.

Then, when the guy who checks you out is wearing about 30 Thor’s Hammers and doesn’t say a word, except “sign here”, well things went well.

And I spent my wine rack money on books. It’s not like it would have gotten me a wine rack.

All that I have cared for have gone: my parents were taken away from me, my brother dead – so now I live, I plan, I do all in the service of my own interests. In that I believe I am not unique in the universe.Bialar Crais






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