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  • Sigh… Art, Writing, Screwing Up Blog Posts

    Sigh… Art, Writing, Screwing Up Blog Posts

    Needing to create has brought me here. I’m arting fairly often. At least 2 – 3 projects a week. Practice in between. My writing is still stalled. Kinda. Kinda. I’m working on getting my world into World Anvil. And I’m trying to organize my thoughts. It’s hard. My thoughts have scattered like so many pieces…

  • Vue 7 Pioneer – Open Beta

    I can’t afford to upgrade my copy of Vue 6 Infinite for the moment.  I’m not really worried about it…eventually I’ll upgrade.   But I couldn’t resist participating in the new Vue 7 Pioneer open beta.  Pioneer is the new entry user level version of Vue as in below d’Esprit.  So it’s pretty simple.  It works…

  • More Dragons

    Just some shadow play.

  • Last Weekend, Steamboat, and the Future!

    The 4th went well. We saw a spectacular show in Arvada. The kids were out by the end. All and all we had a good time and didn’t get too burned. I’ll post more of those pictures later. J. and I saw Hancock…which I actually liked. Then we had reclett, a Swiss version of Korean…