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  • Size 10!

    Holy, shot. I went to Costco today, and splurged on a size 10 pair of jeans. They fit!

  • Oh My God My Butt Hurts

    Snot has died. This is depressing on a lot of levels. He and Puke have been a mainstay of my Ren Fair going for many years. We got to see one of (if not his last) show here in Colorado. I happened to have recorded it. Really glad I bought that camera. My Wii Fit…

  • Atkins Induction

    So I started Atkins this week. After going over low carb choices with my doc, we settled on this. Gah. This is hard enough already. I miss fruit…two weeks till fruit. I’m on day 3. And it’s hard. I feel sick. According to the book you’re supposed to. Gah. But…I’ve been loosing a pound a…