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  • Back into the Swing

    Trying to get back into the habit of things, lots of things. Part of my past year has been dealing with Fibro. I got the results from my MRI. Clean. That’s awesome but it means that this is part of the Fibro/PCOS/Hypo cocktail that is my physical problem. Basically this is yoga, meditation and daily…

  • B.O.T.A Initiation and Earth Meditation

    I completed the BOTA initiation ritual yesterday, which both serves to dedicate the self and the space in a special.  I found it empowering and uplifting. I also did an earth connection meditation via the year and the day book.  It was interesting and nice.  It’s the kind of meditation that just makes you feel…

  • B.O.T.A. – Builders of the Adytum

    Yes…I’ve joined. Should be interesting.