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  • Never Unpacked the Last Box

    As things were packed away and carted off, I came across a box never unpacked. It was full of stories.    

  • Bored Now

    So we painted the sister’s house (or at least the upstairs) on Saturday. The FNGSis’ new boyfriend. This is his blog nickname. It’s his fault, he complain we made him do the stairwell ceiling because he was the FNG, not because we’re short (which is the real reason). Otherwise I’d never thought of it and…

  • The Secret

    I’m reading The Secret right now. During lunch a co-worker comes in as sees me reading it. “Everything you think is a dream,” he says. “But you manifest the dream into reality. Once you break the conditioning…anything is possible.” This is the universe speaking. Pay attention please. This life changing moment is brought to you…