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  • Routines Escape Me

    Routines Escape Me

    Routines are hard. I’m not entirely sure why but unless I have people who can’t or won’t get along without me, I can’t seem to keep to a schedule. I have a neat calendar. I set timers, alarms, etc but just getting out a video every week is so hard. I want to do it…

  • A Year of Silence (and broken websites)

    A Year of Silence (and broken websites)

    I didn’t think I would be spending a year trying to fix a website, and yet, here we are. Settle in; this is a long one. At the beginning of 2023, I was still hip-deep in unpacking from my move. Honestly, I was overwhelmed, and while I tried to enter the Portland/Vancouver scene, I found…

  • Loosing the Will to Write

    Loosing the Will to Write

    It’s hard thing to admit my identity is not so secure. Something that the idea of me has been wrapped up in since the last day of 8th grade. It’s hard to admit it that I haven’t been writing. We’re in year two of that fact. It’s not that I don’t want to. I think…