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  • 2022 – Dogs, Streams, Moving, and Health

    2022 – Dogs, Streams, Moving, and Health

    The thing about having three dogs is that every morning, in order to get outside, you’ve got to chase them around, get them dressed get their harnesses on. Then you can go outside. Wait no. You need baggies and treats. Oh, it’s raining put on rain jackets. Gir took off his shoes. Put them back…

  • Puppies!

    Last Friday, J. brought home a new doberman puppy. He’s cute and he is now named Ragnar…which translates to Rags. He’s cute. Whinnie isn’t too sure what to do as she’s no longer the youngest in the house. She’s still a happy snuggler though.

  • The Best Laid Weekend Plans

    So last week turned into really busy work week, which hasn’t finished. Plus I had strep. Yeah me. So again this means I’m behind. If you’re waiting for updates from me, I promise I’m doing them…really. We got a new camera. It takes some great photos. The first thing I tested was the zoom. On…

  • The Dog in the Deck

    Ah yes, the dog in tarot. The dog is a symbol of loyalty, justice, intuition, protection, guidance, the hunt, and reliability. For most folks seeing a dog evokes feelings of childhood, happiness the a great urge to pet the animal. For the rest, a dog evokes a feeling great screaming fear. Generally the dogs of…