Taking up Knitting Needles

K, so a quick update then I promise I’ll write about something other than kidney stones. I am on flowmax now to try to use the force of my pee (totally not my words) to move it out. If it doesn’t move by next Monday, we’re talking surgery. Ick.

I’ve taken up knitting. Just this weekend. Using the same book line I used to learn crochet…wait you didn’t know I could crochet?

That’s because I’ve never made anything. Nothing, nada, zip.

Because crochet by itself has been torturous to learn…it’s boring and insanely so. I hated it as much as I hated writing poetry.

But this weekend I go the knitting book from the same company that features 80’s rejects in all their work. And it was fun. It’s been so fun I’ve done 7 squares, one scarf and half a bag already. I’ve restarted the scarf as I didn’t figure out the difference between purl and knit until Sunday. But I’m really enjoying it.

So I’ll have get pictures up at some point.

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