Tap, Tap, Tap goes the keyboard…

My writing has be strictly of the module and nonfiction article sort this summer. I now have full outlines of all my modules for Tacticon and full character sketches if not full characters for each.

I was put on hiatus for the August Pagan Pantry. Edain is such a doll. My September article is going to have to be really good to make up.

Because of the great move of 2007 I missed my writer’s meetup…after I posted all those nifty rules too. Sigh. Everyone gets a break this time I guess. New rules start in August. That means a polish of the first part of Without Honor.

I finally upgraded to yWriter 3. It scheweet. It cool. It colorful. It eliminates the formating step. Woot!

Now I’m going through and summarizing the chapters to 1) get it done and 2) to refresh the head. Then maybe this time I’ll actually have that last chapter done for the Betas to read. sigh.

Then there is Japanese. I’ve been spending most of the time on this just doing the Drive Time Japanese. I have a various words flashing on my desktop as well as a hirigana flash card set. I hope to have time to redo chapters A,B,C and 1 before our first study meeting. I need to get back to my 1/2 reading 1/2 Japanese lunch hour after Harry Potter.

Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you’re lucky.Alan Moore







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