Tarot and Friends

Sometimes if you walk up a street, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

Those “old friends” I mentioned yesterday walked up that road and called my number. It looks like we will be getting together. It turns out she even reads this column, funny how life is.

I’m about to crack my head on the wall on this gallery thing. Now it has errors, that I can’t find a fix for (the other installed easier but had way too much junk in it, and does not integrate into the website at all). If you can help with php errors (still learning need help) or know of a good free php gallery script that you can include into an existing site design, please leave a comment!

So I’m going to concentrate on reviews today. Sorry for the delay.


I was surprised to find out that my site was featured in Tarot Tips this week for the Tarot Cleansing Box article. Wow…I’m always tickled to find people linking to my site! I know that section really needs work (and updates). I promise I’m working on it!

We are working on the mystery of the self here. How can you find yourself by working someone else’s self?MJN






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