Tarot Cleansing Box

Our sense of smell is perhaps our strongest sense. It holds power over what we see and what we are willing to taste. So when you pull out a new tarot deck for the first time and it reeks, you aren’t happy.

I, like many, first had this problem with a trade deck that really smelled like smoke. The box was un-savable and couldn’t touch the deck at all. Some one mentioned that they put their decks in with essential oils and that helped the smell, it gave me this idea. So now every new deck goes in this box, and every old deck has been through the process.
What you need:

A box-This can be of any type, though you probably one the size of many large decks such as the “Giant Rider-Waite” or the “Rorhig”. If you want the box to smell nice it self wood or paper would be best. Glass or Stone if you don’t want the smell to linger. I really don’t have any experience with leather boxes, but I assume they would hold the scent as well. I use a Japanese paper box that came as an incense gift box.

Cloth-A small silk scarf, linen napkin, paper towel, even cotton balls would work. It should be thin and relatively small.

Essential Oil/Incense-Incense should be powdered or crumbled (if in stick or cone form).

If using oil, anoint the cloth and box as you see fit then fold the cloth into the bottom of the box. If you are using incense, fold it into the cloth and place in the bottom of the box. Place the offending deck in the box and leave it there for a week. Shuffle the deck every day. At the end of the week you should clean the cloth.
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