Gah, finally.

I’ve finally removed the images from the Tarot Readings page. Now now it looks How I wanted it too. I’ve had a slew of requests from folks lately that have not given real (or working) email adresses. If this is you and you still want your tarot reading please head over to the contact page and send me a note, with your real, working email address.

I need to get some screen shots up and get the rest of my blogs upgraded to wordpress 2.0. I have recipes to stick up too. With how fast the transfer to BookDB is going, I should have a slew of Reviews soon as well.

Then maybe back to art. I’ve been studying painting slowly. I need to get through shade (If I can do that, I can justify upgrading to 8.0, then to a new computer to really use poser 6 on). I got two new painting books for Christmas (my present to myself, which I always do so that for home Christmas, my daughter doesn’t wonder why I don’t have anything to open). This should be fun.

I’ve been thinking of my pagan status lately. I’ve pulled out of most of the message boards that I used to hang out on lately. I’ve kept the wights fed, but meditation has been near nil. Yesterday, I pulled out “Tarot for Yourself” by Mary Greer. Time to step up studying again. Mostly, it’s Asatru stuff, which I have an affinity for, but I’m not Asatru.

Things are funny.

Like taking the lord’s name in vain. Usually something you’re accused of after saying “God Dammit”. Let’s think about this:

God is not God’s name.

If by saying God (or his actual name) you are doing so in vain…then doesn’t that mean he does’t give a flying fuck? If by calling on him you can’t have him answer, (hence, in vain) then what is the point? How is praying not in vain?

My pagan page states already that I don’t believe gods give a rat’s shiney red ass what the hell we do with ourselves. Lately, I’m having trouble seeing why others don’t see that way.

So what is the spiritual side? It’s calming the mind, it’s thinking before acting. It’s having faith. Why those have to be contained by dogma, I’ll never know.

Writer Progress:Without Honor: Word Count 37861

Temptation: Submited–Chronicle (Rejections-1)

Mistaken: Submited–Arts & Letters (Rejections-1)

Between Kingdoms: Fermenting, after chop word count 10612.

Sacred Space-Word Count 494

Grandpa story–Fermenting

Lucy’s Story–Fermenting

The CIA convened an open panel of scientists in January to discuss potential terrorist uses of life-science research, and the panel concluded that,despite the risks, openness in scientific study was absolutely crucial; in April, the CIA suppressed the panel’s conclusions on openness as classified.[Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News, 4-2-03]


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