B. and I went dancing Saturday night. It was fun to be a tease on the dance floor, something I haven’t done in years. I’m contemplating going again next week, but it depends on if there is someone to watch my daughter.

We paid the price for it though. Two guys got a little, possessive, because we danced with them. Luckily another guy kept a watch on us, (kind of hard not too). He and B. had a good rhythm. Still they were stalky until the end. I’m afraid they heard us talking about going next week.

The next day I could barely walk. My grandparents (they got me a new tv!!), thought I was sick. lol.

A new game starts Tuesday. I got the stats down at B.’s but not much else. I want her to be a more serious character, more strategic. I’ve got to work on that, but JS hasn’t sent me directions to his house, just a voice mail saying call me if he doesn’t get them to me.

The new guy did not work out. I felt bad telling him this. He was intelligent, interesting and fun…on the phone. He had a bad habit of going too far on uncomfortable topics right away, but I thought I could get past that. Unfortunately, in person, he was jittery, unfocused, and thought I could get past other physical abnormalities; the heavy sweatiness was too much. Some one told me once that their criteria for a relationship was, could they have kids with this person (not will they, it doesn’t matter whether you plan to or not). Looking at him, I could not. Some of you reading this my then say, but you dated M–!. Well yes. I did didn’t I? So you know the answer, sorry if it wasn’t a pretty picture. Since we’ve both moved on, (me more so now that I have had a few things answered), it won’t ever be an issue. Thank the gods.

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  1. Becca Avatar

    Hola hotstuff – thank you so much for joining me on Saturday and if we can do next week that would be cool. I have a rolemaster game so I’m not sure how “early” I’ll be ready to go. I hope the creeps didn’t actually pick up on the idea… if they did we’ll sic adrian on them 🙂

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