Testing, Testing


It was sixth month time again. Another PAP smear, another day of being uncomfortable. This time my doctor told me good news.

75% chance this time that the HPV could be gone.

So now I wait, poised on the edge of my seat listening for the phone to ring with news of the test results.

I can be a very patient person, so I bide my time and try not to chew my nails.

Poofer is being ornery. She doesn’t like to shut down any more. I’ve got to fix that. Grrr…
Slashdot pointed out the floppies are dead. Like most people, I just didn’t notice. I haven’t use a floppy in over a year. Even then I haven’t been using them at all. Last year was just a random attack of a win 95 user who was about to upgrade anyway.

Poor little floppy. (Insert Viagra Joke here).

Still on Day Two. Still got updates to run on the website.

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