Thank Ullr…It’s Snowing!


Saturday I took Whinnie to the vet. Well first I took her with me to Cafe Caliente to get a puppy treat and sat outside with her until 10:30. Still managed to miss everyone, sigh. We headed to the vet, for the kennel shot update and some eye ointment. She got lots of hugs and was a very happy dog. On the way back we stopped at Target to get a few stocking stuffers. I got a copy of of Raving Rabbids on sale for the impending Wii…then I wandered over to the furniture section for that unattainable wine rack buffet I’ve been lamenting about.

And it was ATTAINED!

They had one and almost sold it out from under me twice while rolling it up front. I managed to get it in the car and home and in the house despite the snow and a besweatered dog.

It took many hours to put it together…I almost screwed it up when I put the sides on backwardsThere Super Target Super Clear directions had no words to speak of and the drawings were bad…I could figure out which way they should go till I had to put the backing on.

The entire set is hardwood, fits in the fridge nook with the fridge up top, extra water, soda and wine are all in their places…towels, shot glasses and wine tools will be going in the drawers. I managed to bruise my hand up good but it was worth it.

Sunday was a snowed in day…we played video games and I cleaned till Aia came home then I went to Tarot. So I didn’t hear about the Church shootings until today. My thoughts go to the victims and their families. An armed security guard took out the killer. She did good and stopped more killing. The mission in Arvada isn’t close to where I live, so when I did go out there was no activity.

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