The Beast Cometh

Despite a minor wrangle with UPS, the beast showed up on my door stop.

It was huge, nine pounds of fan screaming action in a slick off-black cover.

I love my new laptop.

I got the Dell Latitude C810 off eBay. Take a look at this blurb from the seller’s description:

“One minor issue, there is something loose inside which is causing the screen to sometimes flicker, its not the LCD, but something internal. Doesnt do it much, but its worth nothing, i will am reducing the price b/c of it”

So for $400, I snagged a P3 1.3 gig processor Win 2000 machine. Similar machines have gone for twice that.

But what about the damage? Id .10T, error my friends. The poor guy loaded XP onto it as a dual boot…on the same partition. This filled up the hard drive. Plus he never updated the NVIDIA Drivers or the BIOS, which a quick search of the Dell website tells you: DO IT, DO IT NOW. (Hence the random restarts).

No more screen flicker, or random reboots. It is running smooth and sweet. It is a workstation laptop, meant to replace a desktop so very heavy with sever LOUD fans.

But I can live with that, and pay off $400.00. Now I just need to clean off the MP3 collection the guy had taking up 10gigs of HD space. Go Kenny Loggins, Go!

*Okay I admit it. I love Kenny Loggins.

I cleaned off most of the crap programs but I’m still trying to free up space.

Get me one big enough to ride!Thor (Marvel)






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