The Dating Game

It feels strange really. Four guys “in communication” that by the looks of them wouldn’t nod to me on the street. 21 matches. Only three asked to move on after looking at the basic profile. So 24 guys total.


I’ve never been much of a bar bunny. Most the people I’ve dated, I have met through school or work. M– was the first time I’ve dated anyone from a con. I’ve only turned down one person for a date in my entire life and that was in 8th grade.

I’m still not sure any of this is a good thing.

Later that day several of them cut of communication with no reason given. I think they saw my picture and freaked.

My bathroom floor needs help. The carpet has been totally ruined. After grocery shopping I plan to price out what it would cost to replace with tile. I’m not sure I have the money for this but if I don’t do it this weekend it will be a hazard zone.

Let’s see. My daughter, though well past the diaper training stages, had an accident. So I cleaned her up and and the floor.

Then the dog got excited. Another acciedent, another clean up.

Then came kitty revenge.

And they won’t stop with a steam cleaning. I thought I finally got it out.

Then my daughter swallowed a penny. She spit up blood but is otherwise okay. I’ve got to watch her bowl movements for the next few days but my carpet is now very spotty with urine, blood and vomit.

Let me just reiiterate. She’s fine. The EMT, Fire Fighters and police all said so. And yes I panicked but I had no clue that 911 sent out everyone and their mother for an incident. My daughter was tickled pink that the sirens were all for her. I think the neighbors thought I was murdered.

But the stains and the smell is ingrained into the padding.

I’ve got to price this out. I am a bath person, but I can’t take a bath in these conditions. If I can afford it I’ll just do the whole shebang and get the paint for the walls. Light green walls with white fixtures and an yellowish off white flooring and counters. I’ll take pictures.

So then I say all this and I get a call from Aia’s daycare. She is having tummy trouble. I call the doctor and she can’t see her till tomarrow. What’s worse is Aia hasn’t been able to go to the bathroom for over 24 hours.

So I will take her to the doctor today. She seems okay otherwise. It scares me.

More reviews are up and besides pictures the tarot readings are ready.

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Outline: Dreamfire
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.Einstein (1879-1955)






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