The De-Tubing Process

Got the tubes removed today. I feel 100% better after a nap. Yesterday nothing went well, even when it did. I hurt, I fought with everyone and really by the end of the night just wanted to forget the whole day. I even had a kudos for the new JCC website I’m designing…it didn’t help at all.

Today though, much better. My new video camera came. It’s a RCA Small Wonder EZ210. It takes photos and digital video on smart cards…it uploads straight to youtube or email, and it’s pretty spiffy. Actually it’s amazing…no tape, the software installs right when you plug the camera in to the computer (usb) and it comes with editing software. All for less than $100 on Amazon. I don’t know what I’ll take with it yet, but this should be fun.

The name of the game is Hurt the Hero!David Gerrold






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