The Difference Between Illegals & Immigrants: People are Stupid

Okay, I’ve been waiting to say this.


People are stupid. The issue is not about legal migrants (of which there are). That issue is something we should think about and create a guess worker program. Migrants are those that live in another country, come here to work, then leave again.

People are stupid. This is not about legal immigrants. Many south of the border don’t know about applying for residency until they get here, there is no way for them to a good deal of the time. When they get here, if they work on applying themselves to status and jobs legally, I’m all for them coming.

This is about illegal aliens. People who come, commit crimes, screw up…have no intention of getting citizenship.

This is about business America who is too lazy (don’t get me started on this) to ask for a social security card and do a back ground check before hiring someone. Don’t give me crap about Americans not will to do the work.  When I was jobless and needed anything, I could not get a job in any fast food restaurant, janitorial staff, walmart or house cleaning, BECAUSE I had a college degree. Americans ask for higher wages because things cost more. Migrants, and illegals as for the same wages (you doubt me, I know you do, but I’ve worked for many companies that hire illegals, they made a lot more than I did in many cases.) for the same reason. The cost that companys are saving are on taxes to the government not on wages. Show me a place where anyone in the US can live on federal minimum wage and I’ll show you poverty. Those that are living semi-okay are working three jobs or more at mimimum wage.  In Denver the mimimum liviable wage, which means no goverment help, and the ability to maintain residence and all utilities with some to spare is not a penny less than $15.00 per hour per person. 

This is not about the race card. I’m seeing all the Mexicans/Central Americans and South Americans and wannabe-Americans marching in confusion. Where are the Canadians? Germans? Indians? Koreans? Are they out in force? I’m hearing news show after news show talk about how hard it is south of the border. BUT THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT FOR ANYONE TO COME AND DEMAND THE SAME RIGHTS AS CITZENS NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOU’RE FROM.

I’m tired of this. Illegals are breaking the law. End of story.

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