The Dog in the Deck

Ah yes, the dog in tarot.

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, justice, intuition, protection, guidance, the hunt, and reliability. For most folks seeing a dog evokes feelings of childhood, happiness the a great urge to pet the animal. For the rest, a dog evokes a feeling great screaming fear.

Generally the dogs of the Rider-Waite deck are benign, loyal and helpful. While this may not be the case in all tarot decks, I’ll stick with the Rider-Waite for this.

The dogs in the ten of pentacles of the Rider-Waite deck are attentive, whitethe general color of good in symbolism. This in no way means all white is always good…but in western esoterica it is considered the color of good. There are many other systems that consider white the color of death or sickness, but since this tarot deck comes out of the western esoteric tradition, we are using this interpretation., and situated among a happy and extended family. The 10 of pentacles is and idyllic card of family and wealth. When this card comes up people like it, a lot.

The dogs add to this image simply as part of a happy family. The child is at easy here, there is no fear. In this card the dogs are part of the package.

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