The Happy WordPress Bubble Pink Go!: The Widgetized and Absorbtion Edition

WordPress is awesome.

There was a time when I said that I’d never use a cms on my website…said the same thing about php.

But then these things evolve into prettiness and customizable creative crackers of good things. WordPress is that cms. I can make it do anything with the plugins and now widgets that are out there. I can tumble its pieces around by hand and get it to look like what ever you want. So far, it’s missing a store…but that’s coming too.

I’ve been integrating all the sites I do into wordpress. For sites like this one, that takes a bit longerWill someone please put the wordpress widgets blog in the dashboard feed, please?. Like now…I’ve begun merging the reviews section into the mainpage via the Now Reading thing you see on my sidebar.

I’m now 2.1 compliant with page78images is next. What’s more is, I now have widget compliance! Not much to you, but on the back end, it’s all kinds of cool.

I’ve changed the footnotes plugin…it will work with all my old footnotes but now, ah, now it works with the fancy pull quotes.

So things merge. Reviews will still be in the old place until I get them all over to the Library. So enjoy!

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Outline: Dreamfire
It seemed a crime against the universe to let a man die who would fight a duel using a bagpipe.Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith







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