The Magazine at the Market

I’ve been having leg spasms. If I don’t lay on my right side my legs start jerking around. It wakes me up if I move during the night. During the day, I have spasms in my hands, face and back. It makes things uncomfortable. I keep meaning to tell my doctor but it hasn’t happened.

In Costa Rica I got sick on the second day. Threw up on the bus and a few people (they all took it very well, I will never live it down). I found if I stopped eating the beans and rice (which were excellent…they tasted really good going down) I felt better. I still felt sick when I ate chicken. Then after rafting, during the meal, I saw they had the recipe’s posted. The common ingredient, Lizano Salsa…a condiment that was on nearly every table we ate at. It was a fermented vegetable sauce. Very tasty and made feel nasty (which paired with a smooth, windy road makes for not so fun times).

The thing is, I ate a bunch of fruit and beef as a result. And I felt good. By the end of the trip though, I was starting to feel the pain (I did sprain my ankle, that made walking harder, but I did it dammit). Half way through the first week home I started feeling horrible. By Saturday I could barely move.

Sunday morning, two very large cysts burst on the way to a birthday brunch for a friend.

I know, drama, right? My tummy is still sore. With starting this new job, I’ve been not eating…pretty much at all. Haven’t had time. Can I possibly go from bad to worse.

I’ve posted before about my food options. Technically supposed to be avoiding anything except meat. That’s not going to work, not that I don’t love a nice slab of beef or some stuffed chicken. However, my experiments in this area quickly go sour. I started dropping dairy to once a day. Sugar comes with the predictable problems, carbs and grains well….

So I’m at the store. Not getting much, after all the pay schedule on my new job is longer, and therefore for I’m shorter on money for a while longer, thanks to (what else?) medical bills. But I’m at the store, and I’m way under budget and there’s this magazine called Living Without. I flip through it.

And there’s this article about a woman with leg spasms that interrupt her sleep and other body spasms that make life uncomfortable and difficult.

She’s gluten sensitive. Funny thing, I’m trying to cut things out. I’m really super bad at doing this, cutting things out. Last time I started loosing weight, exercising and changing my diet, I got kidney stones. I’m a year away from paying that off and if I change my diet again and get them, then what?

My basket was filled with fruit and veggies. I had plantains for dinner.

Gods, I suck at this.

Maybe that explains Poland.Charles De Lint







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